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Did you know that it is not just safety and value that make egress windows a great idea? They can legally market a basement room as a bedroom, increase lighting, increase air flow, and can be added virtually anywhere in your basement.

At Egress Window Professionals, our team will assess your needs and recommend the appropriate windows (type and energy efficiency rating varies), consult with you about the design of your window well, and get the job done right. 

Want to discuss your project? Call us today at (833) 642-8453!

We are your local egress window professionals. Free estimates. Flexible schedules. Responsive crews. Your project partner! 

Adding a walk-out basement and updating your windows are both great ways to make your home look better while also increasing its value. Not sure about building codes? They’re a real thing and they’re very important. But you don’t have to know the ins and outs of your local building codes and requirements - because we do! We’re the experts on building regulations. We guarantee our finished projects are legal and up to code.

Invite our team to your home. We'd love to meet you and hear your ideas. Our crew will explain how we can meet your needs in easy to understand terms. We’ll happily talk through your budget, your options, and then provide you with a free estimate. And there’s never any pressure to buy. Remember, we are always happy to provide these free estimates for you!

  • Free estimate and onsite evaluation
    • We are a full service company, we can do something as simple as an egress steel well to custom walk-outs
    • Full turn key installation including finishing the trim on the inside of the window or the door
    • We have very simple pricing
  • Tread Lightly
    • Protect the yard with plywood
    • Haul off all soil and debris
    • A majority of our projects can be completed in one day
  • Saw Cut Foundation Wall
    • We wet cut from the outside to minimize dust in your home
  • Rework New Opening and Install Window
    • Masonry anchor treated lumber and add header
    • Caulk all masonry to carpentry
    • Embed window nailing flange in caulking
    • Cover nail flange with flashing tape
    • Trim outside and reseal
  • Rework Drainage and Install Well
    • Anchor well to foundation
    • Backfill
    • Install ladder or step
    • Install cover
    • Post hole dig drain to footer and install 4” gravity drain
  • Finish Inside
    • Rework opening and cut back drywall
    • Install returns and casing to match finished room

Locally-owned and operated! Our equipment and crews mobilize from Flushing, Michigan. 

Serving Mid-Michigan including Genesee County, Shiawassee County, Lapeer County, Saginaw County, Tuscola County, Livingston County, and beyond! 

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